A few weeks ago I celebrated the two year anniversary of Caryn Ashley Photography. Well that wasn’t an entirely true anniversary.  Long before I started working full time as a photographer I managed my business on the weekends, late at night or early in the morning. It started small and grew. New clients became return clients. And from those relationships my business grew to something that required my full attention. I left my career in marketing and became a full time entrepreneur.

The Beacomes were one of the families that committed to me long before 2 years ago. Actually they helped me buy my first camera! They gave me a high school job, where I let their dog out each day after school. That was a long time ago, and after my stint as a dog walker they invested in me by letting me photograph their family’s milestones. And here we are now- I no longer have to dog walk to support my business and they have 2 beautiful little ones. 

We had to reschedule their shoot when a grey Saturday rained on our first session, but the next day the sun broke and we had perfect weather. We explored Heritage Park together and enjoyed the early fall sunshine. When I see families once a year I am so surprised by how big their little ones get. I couldn’t believe their oldest was already in first grade- so much to catch up on! Thanks for supporting me Beacomes, even when it meant babysitting your pup! 

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