Well there is a thick blanket of snow currently covering everything outside my window, and I am still getting caught up on posts from the changing leaves.  What a season this has been!  When I decided to pursue photography full time I never imagined how rewarding it would be to finish a season so packed with shoots.  My heart is overflowing as I wrap up the end of this year and look forward to what is in store for Caryn Ashley Photography in 2017. But before I do all that I still have a whole bunch of fall shoots to share with you.  

I was able to meet so many new families this fall- one of them being the Bluhm Family.  We had so much fun during the Bluhm’s photoshoot.  They welcomed me into their gorgeous backyard and immediately their little ones invited me on a walk through the trails in the woods behind their home.  We spent the next hour just hanging out and laughing.  Everything was so carefree and comfortable, exactly how you hope a shoot will go.  I got in my car feeling so thankful for clients that truly make this job a joy. 

 I love these images, and my favorite part is that the Bluhms just natural laughed together the whole time.  You could tell that after a day of working and going to school that they were simply glad to be together at their favorite place- home.   Thank you for letting me join in a few moments of home with your family, Bluhm family!

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