Photographing my family- I am going to be honest with you on this topic.  The times when I get to photograph my family are some of my very favorite shoots.  My nieces and nephews are my favorite people in the world and they are constantly making me smile.  There is just one problem when it comes to photographing family.  Sometimes we all forget we have a task! There is an expected outcome after our time together.  Which is different than most of our time together, and can be difficult to articulate to and manage with little ones. 

Sometimes during a shoot with my family I think, oh gosh we are just playing around. We are having too much fun.  Focus, re-center, get back to posing.  But the more I think about it the more these shoots make sense.  We should be playing and having fun.  Your time in front of the camera should be a perfect expression of your family and the love and laughter you share. 

So here is to learning from these shoots.  To learning that just laughing and playing is what it is all about. That your family knows how to make each other smile and my job is to simply capture these moments for your family to cherish forever.