Each Sunday morning I see these three little cuties walk in and out of church.  And you know, I do the typical adult thing- a little smile, whisper to my husband, “isn’t that just the most adorable little family ever”, and then I go on my way.  I have worked with their momma on a few projects at church, but mostly we just e-mail back and forth without chatting much.  So when she e-mailed me a few months back and said she would like to get some family photos done I was so excited.  I couldn’t wait to get to know their family better and to photograph those 3 sweet little faces that I see parading into church together each Sunday. 

Our session did not disappoint!  These girls each have their own personalities and it was so much fun to see each of their unique characters play out during our time together.  One super girly chatting about bows and sparkles, one ready to take the lead and run down the path and get a little dirty, and the youngest with a big personality and believing with every part of her that she makes all the decisions 🙂 I feel ya on that one sister, I sure know how that youngest personality thing goes! 

I have to say that my very favorite part of the shoot was watching how Hannah and Eric parent together.  I know it sounds kind of deep, right?! But so often photoshoots can be a stressful event for families, and that is not what I want!  I want them to be a time when your family can play and laugh and just enjoy time together.  I want you to get into the car and think well that was easy, now let’s go get donuts to celebrate!  So it is so encouraging when both parents want to be at the shoot.  And they take care of each other’s needs and the needs of their little ones without even thinking about it.  And that is exactly what Eric and Hannah did.  So thank you for making the shoot so enjoyable for me! I hope you had as much fun as I did, Pagel family!

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