I am going to make a bold statement here. I think I may have met the happiest baby EVER!  My older brothers always pick on me for making statements like that- this is the best pizza EVER or this is the most fun I have EVER HAD.  So I know, it sounds extreme, but Angelo couldn’t stop smiling!  His sisters would squeeze him and maybe sometimes forget they were holding him and let him fall, and he would just smile right on through it all.  And it wasn’t even a fake, ‘guys come on, you aren’t really making me do this’ smile, it was completely genuine and so sweet.  So anyways moving on from my rant, but I just wanted to make sure the internet is clear that I have met the world’s happiest baby 😉

Last year I actually got to photograph the gender reveal party for Angelo, so it was blowing my mind that he is already big enough to sit up on his own.  Back at that shoot, his sisters were so excited to welcome a baby into their house.  When the blue balloons came flying out of the box, it also looked like his parents couldn’t wait to add a little dude to their family.  Well clearly everyone still feels the same way now that he is here! We had so much fun exploring their yard and neighborhood, what a gorgeous backdrop for photographs.  Thank you for letting me share in these big milestones with you. Palazeti Family! 

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