Happy birthday, Addison!  We had way too much fun photographing Addison for her first birthday.  While she was a little unsure about me at the start of her shoot, I would like to think we ended it as best buddies.  It may not have actually been me, but rather the bubble maker that was constantly residing right behind where I was shooting.  But hey, either way, I will take these smiles! I need to get one of these bubble makers to keep with me all the time!

I was lucky enough to photograph Addison’s mom and dad for their engagement and their wedding, so it was a special treat to capture this next stage of life with them.  Emilee and Andy have very clearly, happily settled into this new stage as parents.  I could not get over how much they adore their little lady, and how much she adores them back.  Their house must be on an endless circuit of big smiles, belly laughs and cuddles!  Thanks so much for letting me join in on the fun, Bilski Family!