Clay was an absolute champion during his newborn shoot.  He decided that he didn’t need any sleep, and he wanted to be awake to celebrate the special occasion.  Sometimes an awake newborn can make me a little nervous since they typically want to be held or fed, but not Clay!  He was wide awake to show off his little personality, but he never made a peep.  He just happily listened to the shutter on my camera click and watched the sun stream in through the window where we were shooting.  

Clay has two older siblings that I have been photographing for the past couple of years.  They patiently waited next to me as I photographed Clay and waited for their turn to get into the pictures. I love the pictures of their whole family together cuddling up on the bed, it is clear that there is a lot of love and laughter in their home and I am so glad I was able to capture a few moments of that.  Through all the chaos of gummy snacks and cookies and tickling these two cuties just wanted to hold and love on their little brother.  You are one lucky guy, Clay!

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