I have such a special place in my heart for big families.  I know they aren’t for everyone.  My husband comes from a family of two kids and swears it was the best childhood ever, but when you come from a big family you can’t help but love the chaos.  Sometimes I even miss the chaos of living in a house with nine people.  Sometimes I even hope to have all of that chaos in my own family one day (well maybe, don’t hold me to that one!)  So when a family pulls up to their shoot and the kids just keep piling out of the back seat, I take a big breathe, prep my patience, and then also smile inside because it kind of feels like home.  

Ted and I have known the Baligians for the past 5 years and their family just keeps growing! Their littlest guy, Ezra, just turned one so it was the perfect time to get their gang together for some updated family photographs.  The last time they were in front of my camera was for Ezra’s newborn session, which feels like yesterday!

Each of their kiddos has their own unique personalities, and that is my favorite part of shoots with big families.  I love when I get to pull each child aside for their individual photographs and just ask them a few questions about what they love.  They end up creating images that capture their personalities just because of how they light up when they talk about their favorite sports or the birthday party they went to earlier that day.  Thank you for letting me get to know and capture your gang, Baligian Family! 

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