I met Julie and Barry at the prettiest little park outside of Lansing for their engagement pictures.  Julie and Barry often bring their dog walking at this park and picked this specific location for the tall pine trees.  When I saw the light coming through the pines I was instantly in love with the location! It was so incredibly beautiful.  It was one of the colder days in November, but these two were troopers, and didn’t let the chill bother them at all.

As we walked through the woods, I loved getting to chat with Julie and Barry about how they met and how they got engaged.  They are yet another dating app success story- I keep hearing these all the time! They quickly became serious after their first date and were engaged the next year.  They told me the sweet story of their engagement, where Barry took Julie to his family’s cottage and asked her to marry him.  I always love thinking about that rush of excitement and joy that comes in those first hours and weeks after getting engagement, and then the fun of telling your friends and family.  It is such a fun story to relive with couples! 

These two are planning their wedding for next summer and I cannot wait to spend the day with them.  They have the prettiest venue picked out, and when Julie showed me her wedding dress I actually gasped- it is going to be GORGEOUS.  Enjoy all of the planning and anticipation, Julie and Barry!  

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