When I moved to Albion College to say I was terrified would be an understatement.  I loved being at home.  I wasn’t one of those high school seniors that was counting down the days till I obtained my freedom and moved out forever.  No, my parents pretty much took me against my will to college. I am the youngest of seven kids and they had done this a few times.  They knew I would be just fine once I got there.  And to be honest I cried for approximately the first 10 minutes after they left, and then to my surprise, I loved it.  

My hall was filled with other young ladies that just wanted to hang out all of the time- from studying, eating all of our meals together, and going out- we were pretty much inseparable. I loved everything about being at Albion, especially the girls I met on my hall freshman year.  And guess what, Amanda was probably the very first person I met. The doors to our rooms were always open and we spent that year like our hall was one big house, with people moving from one room to the next to catch up, study, and hanging out. 

I could share so many incredible stories with you about Amanda. I could tell you about the time I found out she was my big in our sorority, or how she was waiting up in my room to chat with me after the first time I hung out with Ted, or how she was always at my volleyball games.  She is a true friend, and Dan is so lucky to have her.  The picture below tells the story, they met on Tinder! They swiped right and now the rest is history.  

Watching Dan and Amanda together made me so happy.  You always want to see your friends end up with someone who deeply loves and cares for them and that is exactly how Dan treats Amanda.  He made her laugh, held her hand, and told her how beautiful she looked during their shoot. Amanda’s sister and niece were with us during the shoot and I have to say one of the sweetest things had to be watching Dan interact with his soon-to-be niece.  When Amanda called to tell me she and Dan were engaged she shared Dan had asked her in front her whole family at her niece’s baptism.  That seemed fitting because that little lady certainly loved her soon-to-be uncle.  It seems like he is already part of the family!  I cannot wait to celebrate with these two and their family and friends next summer! 

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