I had a chance to meet these two little guys last summer when they were in town visiting, and we did a big cousin picture for their grandparents.  In all of the chaos that comes along with cousin pictures, I didn’t really get to spend much one on one time with these two little guys.  I was so happy when their sweet momma contacted me and asked if I was available for some family pictures.  Their family has recently moved back to Michigan, so it was fun getting to chat with them about the adjustment and be able to capture a few image of this new chapter of life for them. 

We met at Booth Park in Birmingham on a very rainy Thursday morning. Luckily, the rain cleared about an hour before our session and the clouds provided the perfect blanket from the summer heat.  As long as we avoided all of the puddles, we were able to explore the park and had the whole place completely to ourselves!  These little guys didn’t seem to mind having me tag along for their family adventure.  They were both so outgoing, willing to sit in front of the camera all by themselves, and each little guy displaying his own personality for the pictures.  This family truly loves being together and it was such an honor to capture the love they share.  Welcome to Michigan, Eldridge Family!

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