I posted a little version of this story over on my Instagram page (I am @caryn_ashley over there,) but I had to share here, too.  I photographed the Ells family 5 years ago.  Their kids were much smaller and didn’t look like stunning young adults yet.  When they showed up for their shoot this year I hardly recognized them. We quickly started reminiscing about their last shoot and couldn’t help but laugh when we remembered there were some tears shed during that shoot.  Their youngest son wasn’t agreeing with the shoes mom chose for the shoot and he let us know.  I loved that we were able to laugh about it together now, and I loved that there were no tears this year!  I get to share in the good, and sometimes the very real, moments of life with families and it is all such an honor. 

These family photographs are commemorating that their oldest son is heading off to college this year.  Such a great idea to get family pictures taken before he moves out and gets started at school.  We met at Milford Central Park and had to dodge a few minutes of rain that settled in right when we reached the back of the park before finishing their shoot.  I have to say these teenagers are some of the kindest I have met.  They joked together and didn’t even mind when I made them hug in real close.  Thanks so much for the laughs, Ells Family!

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