I had so much fun capturing Gabby’s unique style and personality during her senior session. When she first contacted me and said she would like to do the shoot at her barn with a few of her favorite horses I have to be honest I was a little hesitant. If you know me personally you know I can get a little uneasy around animals, especially large animals. But, when someone contacts you with an idea as unique and fun as this you put your fear aside and jump right in. 

For some reason, I thought horses were like dogs- that they sat when you told them to sit and they listened to commands. Apparently, that is not the case! Gabby was so sweet with the horses, encouraging them to be calm and patient as we did our best to get them to stay still. It was most certainly Gabby and I working around the horses, not the other way around!

What a fun way to capture something so special to Gabby and has been for years and years. I am so glad I was able to put my fear aside and try something new, too! Thank you so much for letting me capture these memories with you at the barn, Gabby! 

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