Hi friends! It feels like it is time to shake things up around here.  I love having the chance to share my work with you, but I also want to start sharing more of my life with you!  You are going to see a few changes around the blog in the upcoming weeks, but don’t worry-  you will still see lots of full sessions and adorable photographs of the amazing families I have the pleasure of serving.  In addition to those posts you are going to see insight into my business, posts about travel itineraries and some helpful posts about preparing your family for your session.  Sound good?! I hope so, because I cannot wait to dive deeper with you all! 

So to kick off the changes in the blog, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite parts of my job- becoming a family’s lifetime photographer.  What does this mean?  It means that I get to photograph your family through the years, as your family changes and grows.  Being a lifetime photographer is a choice I made when I started my business.  It is a choice I consider each year when I set my goals, and I believe it is what sets my business apart.  I want to be a photographer that is there for every step of your family’s life- from your engagement to your wedding, maternity photographs and newborn session, 1st birthday cake smashes and high school graduations.  

My goal is to have your family as a client from your first session and then throughout life’s changing stages.  A big goal right?  But to me it just makes sense.  You invite a photographer into life’s most intimate moments, and you want that person to be someone you know and feel comfortable with.  Each opportunity we have to spend time together I get to know your family better, I learn what makes your little ones laugh or the story of how you and your husband met.  Getting to know your story better helps me truely capture it.  

So while I would love your lifetime photographer to be me, most importantly my hope is that you see the importance of a lifetime photographer.  Someone who knows your family inside and out.  Someone who loves your family and wants to be there to celebrate life’s milestones with you.  Someone who can create a cohesive visual of the life you have built together that can be shared for years to come.  Finding a lifetime photographer is like opening the door to letting someone into the story that only your family shares, but my goodness it is so worth it. Because finding a lifetime photographers means being able to freeze time with someone who loves and cares about your family.  

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