When I first started my little business pretty much all I did was photograph my family.  I come from a big family so there were plenty of subjects for me to practice my photography skills with.  I photographed my family over and over until I felt comfortable managing shoots and working my camera.  Then I slowly started expanding my clientele outside of my family, outside of friends of friends and into complete strangers.  

Now I feel so lucky when I get the chance to photograph my family.  It is such a special time to capture their true personalities and to just have an excuse to get together!  These two little guys seriously melt my heart every time I see them.  They are lovers and are constantly saying, ‘do you know how much I love you? Sooo much!’ So, yeah, you can see why I get so excited to see them. We shot at Heritage Park in Farmington on a perfect spring day and I am so happy with how these photographs turned out.  I hope you cherish them forever, Miller family! 

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