The Morales family moved to Michigan from down south about 6 months ago, and I keep joking with them about this fall.  Reminding them, don’t get used to it, it isn’t always like this.  I swear it feels like some years we skip fall entirely and find ourselves sitting in the middle of winter on Halloween.  But, God blessed them with an easy transition year, and I am glad I get to benefit from this beautiful weather, too!

 Jon is the pastor at our church and we are so lucky we get to do life with these guys.  They are caring and selfless and just a whole lot of fun to be around.  I love seeing the unique personalities of each of their children.  From how they sit in their chairs on Sunday morning to how they engage in conversation after services, they each have their own hobbies and individual personalities and I love that about families.  I am always amazed how unique siblings can be when they are raised in the same home by the same two people.  I look at my siblings and sometimes wonder how we all ended up with different believes and ways of doing life, but that’s what makes family so much fun!  I hope these pictures capture some of the big personalities of each of your little ones, Morales Family!

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