You know what they say about finding your tribe and loving them well?  I am so glad these people joined our tribe!  Ted and I have a lot of friends from college, where we met.  Albion is a small school and we ended up moving back to metro Detroit along with most of our closest group of friends.  So we have been lucky enough to do life with a lot of the same people since we were 19 years old.  Nate and Ted actually met in P.A. school.  There was something like 5 guys in their class of 80, so they hung together a lot and studied together pretty much every weekend.  During that time Ted and I got married and moved 5 minutes away from Nate and his wife Hannah and we all just hit it off.  They ended up spending time with our group of college friends and immediately became part of the tribe. I couldn’t imagine life without friends like them!

We snapped these photographs of Nate and Hannah in their backyard.  I was extremely disappointed when they decided to move away from us, but I guess I can totally understand it for a lot like this!  We planned their shoot perfectly with a snowfall that was just a few days old.  It was actually unbearably cold, but they did great and I love how these pictures turned out!  Snowy shoots are quickly becoming some of my very favorite. 

It is so fun to watch Nate and Hannah experience this stage of life, and secretly I am taking notes because Hannah makes carrying that baby look goooood! They are going to be the best parents and I cannot wait to see them grow into that role together. I am counting down the days until we get to meet their little lady and welcome her into the tribe! Congrats, you two wonderful people!

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