You guys! Oh my goodness, I cannot believe this is happening!  Caryn Ashley Photography is finally getting a long awaited new look. This has been something I have been dreaming about for so long.  The old look was something that was quickly thrown together when all of a sudden I had a new business and needed to get things moving along ASAP.  It worked for the time, but this business is growing and the brand needed to grow, too.  So without further ado, I introduce to you the new look of Caryn Ashley Photography.

This brand was carefully thought out with my dreams, visions and plans for the future in mind.  It is the newer, grown up version of Caryn Ashley Photography.  It displays attention to detail in a fun loving, bright perspective.  It tells a better story of my brand, where it has been, and most importantly where it is going.  I am so excited to use this new look to better serve my clients and to do it in a visually appealing manner.  My heart could just burst- I am so excited and so ready for this change!

I just really love the way it all came together and I hope you do, too.  I am so grateful I got to share the experience with one of my closest friends. The new look comes from the wonderfully talented Shelley Zamler.  Go check her stuff out here. Shelley and I started the conversation for this brand over coffee during a ski trip weekend with friends.  At the time it seemed like a distant dream, but now it’s here!  Thank you so much Shelley, you are such a rockstar. xo

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