Where in the world did time go?! This shoot is from this past fall, and as I was doing some updating to my website I realized- it never got blogged.  And I couldn’t let that happen because it quickly became one of my very favorite engagement shoots to date.  Sam and Abby are fellow Albion alums and I was so honored when they called me to snap a few pictures to celebrate their engagement.  I love photographing my fellow Brits! People have asked me before if everyone from Albion ends up marrying someone from Albion and I have to laugh because there is a little truth to it.  I guess we like to stick together! 

I met with Sam and Abby on a gorgeous fall day at the home where Sam grew up.  Yup, he grew up here- so you can cue all of the jealous sighs now!  Sam and Abby share a love for traveling and backpacking, and of course their pup. The thing I noticed most during their shoot was how they laughed together so naturally.  It was so encouraging to witness the lighthearted love they share. Not to mention, I have a soft spot in my heart for guy’s who organize shoots for their fiance or family, and Sam was one of those.  I think it’s such an awesome display of leadership and willingness to serve your significant other- so Abby is lucky she chose a winner! 

These photographs have me so ready to capture more couples in love.  Thank you for letting me capture your love, Sam and Abby!

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